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The War Room Discuss Aragon Online strategy and tactics. Economic strategy, battle tactics, and anything else related to game play.

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Old 11-03-2013, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Vadenard View Post
Merlin, did you try using bow troops on anything in the water? I started out with my first battle and hit 200 with 2 groups of bow troops off the bat. I would recommend going near water with ranged troops and lure your enemies in the water.
Interesting. Water shouldn't have much effect, but it wouldn't provide any defense bonus. Maybe the height advantage combines to make that even more effective.
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Old 10-22-2014, 07:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Merlin View Post
For army creation, here are some basic strategies to use. These may vary somewhat depending on the class of your main character, but all are usable by any player to various degrees.
  1. Heavy combat force - Warrior/Knight: This strategy builds an army for hand-to-hand combat. Build your army heavy on infantry, with some mounted infantry and cavalry. Your infantry should be split between heavy (Mail or Plate armor, Pole weapons) and light (with Crossbows). A smaller fraction of bow units to provide missile support is good. Warriors and Knights add greatly to your hitting power. A stack of Warriors and/or Knights can be a formidable attack force. You'll want to hire Priests and Rangers to support your troops. A few Mages for attack magic are also desirable, as well as Fog and other cloud spells to block the enemy missile line of sight.
  2. Mobile force - Knight/Ranger: This strategy builds a mobile army that depends more on movement to flank the enemy and attack him behind his lines. Build your army with mostly light infantry, some heavy infantry, and quite a few bow units. As you can afford it, reinforce with mounted units (Mounted Infantry, Cavalry and Mounted Bowmen). These units provide quick moving power to flank the enmy, getting behind his lines and hitting his more vulnerable bowmen and spell-casters. Hire Knights and Rangers to support these units. You'll want Priests and Mages for support and attacks, as above.
  3. Indirect attack force - Priest/Mage: This strategy builds an army that uses more missile attacks and spells to deplete and defeat the enemy. Build your army with a mix of light and heavy infantry, and a large number of bow units. Your infantry provides a shield for your bows and spell-casters. A few mounted units to protect your flanks is a good idea. Have some Warriors and Knights to stack with your infantry and cavalry. Hire Rangers, Priests and Mages for magic support, and at higher levels, heavy magical hitting power.
Comments and suggestions for improvement, or other strategies, are welcome.
Thanks for your basic strategies. useful
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