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  1. Moriority
    05-11-2010 10:37 PM
    Ian and Ibrahim,
    I am putting together a Writer's Guild packet of templates and examples of what we have done so far. I need to be more welcoming to potential writers, yourselves included. I would like a new writer to understand the geography of Aragon, the political/religious/economic/racial issues of a few cities and how the game works.

    I will finish an introductory letter, and put together examples of a City Report, Scout/Spy/Diplo messages and the Lore that goes with it. (The Westland Report has all three.) The Heraldry explanation. The list of Aragon cities. A quest template and an example of a completed template. Also, I have a City's Relations Synopsis of four cities I have been tying together.

    More tomorrow,
  2. Ibrahim Amin
    06-10-2009 10:20 PM
    Ibrahim Amin

    I just chose Tranavan because it was one of the NPC cities in the area I was assigned to (Aragon Central) - along with Qutok, Paritan, Hildesheimenste, and Aladda.

    I also wrote up a couple of lore pieces relating to the city, which I think Ian might have entered into the game.

    I certainly have no problem with Seth or anyone else modifying the material on them.

    All the best,

  3. Moriority
    06-10-2009 07:56 PM
    Interesting that you chose Tranavan. My son Seth, is also working on the area, though his ideas are only on paper. I'll send your ideas to him and there may be some collaboration possibilities here. (Seth is an arborist and many of his fantasy bad guys will probably be destroyers of the environment.)
    One thing about Tranavan, it is bordered by a huge lake to the east and a massive forest to the west. It seems an unlikely place for elves but there you have it. Given the geography, what conflicts might arise that an outside player/character may be able to involve themselves in? Seth has a plot involing the reation of the elves of Tranavan to evil orcs or even grumpy dwarves across the lake, who are mining and smelting toxic minerals that are being dumped in the lake and carrried by currents over to the Tranavan side.
    As we fill out the realities of these NPC cities, script authors will be able to construct their stories within the confines of these realities.

  4. Moriority
    03-22-2009 07:19 PM

    I liked the Dwarven story. My idea was that this would be a story received by a Dwarven leader that will propel he/she onto an adventure that, if successful, will benefit the player/character in some tangilble way. I am working on ways to turn what you have written into an actionable AO adventure. "Actionable" means:

    World, Region or even Tactical travel.

    Role-Playing decision-making choices faced by rulers of realms, both momentous and mundane.

    Above-ground battles.

    Text-based puzzle solving is an area we'd like to expand to.

    Our script editor will allow for Random outcomes and scenarios, we can affect any data number in the game, we can pick a specific date for the event to begin or Randomize the starting point. We can Call in other written scripts and cause other events to occur at a specific time, or under specific circumstances. The editor is very powerful and is the tool we use to imput scripted stories into the on-screen game.


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