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Conversation Between Moriority and Morlicar
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  1. Moriority
    03-22-2009 07:36 PM
    Most High Lord of Tharsis and wise dwarves throughout:

    There may be a time when forces will array themselves in opposition to your realm. Dastardly denizens that will give pause to even the stouted of your brave soldiers, winners of so many battles though they may be. When that time arrives, Moriority will stand and prevail or stand and die by your side.

  2. Morlicar
    02-11-2009 11:20 PM
    Moriority of Noregon,

    I am a simple warrior, and as a simple warrior, I see things simply. I accept the hand of friendship when freely given, as you have so offered, and I repay aggression with violence in kind.

    Thank you for your kind offer of friendship.

    Morlicar of Tharsis
  3. Moriority
    02-07-2009 06:23 PM
    Greeting Most High Lord of Tharsis.

    Moriority of Noregon wishes to extend a hand of friendship to a city beset by the same denizens that vex Our Realm. Though victories are frequent, so too is the never-ending influx of more and more of the vile ones. Morlicar and Moriority, though racially different, may find much in common cause with one another.

    Your Humble Servant,

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