View Full Version : Mommy, make the bad trolls stop.

07-28-2009, 06:33 PM
I've tried 3 or 4 different game plans to fight the trolls and think I've found what might be the best way to take them on.

Let me preface by saying that other battles have gotten me more XP but this method took less than half the turns and only 1/3 the cost in spells. Since trolls are an enemy one just wants to be shed of the fastest way possible consider this plan the next time you fight them.

Build a fog barrier at least 6 hexes (from the edge closest to you) out and then fill the "box" (the killing ground) with as many mud and entangle spells as you have. Once the trolls reach the edge dispair the hell out of them. Remember, the goal is to get them to break, not to kill, since they regenerate in place and you'll just be killing the same troops over and over. Finish off any units that make it into the kill zone with pyro and missle spells and they should break rapidly.

Previous battles with trolls have taken me on average 50-70 turns, using brute force combined with missle and magic attacks (that pesky regen) but this method only took 22 turns and I didn't need to cast my expensive priest and ranger spells (prayer and war cry or any heal or cure either) as they never got close enough for hand to hand. As a bonus they only did 14 HP of damage total with 3 missle attacks in the entire battle.

While this battle only garnered 4 mill+ XP (as opposed to about 15 mill avg for others) I'll take it and be happy that it was less than an hour real time compared to 3+ for the others. And it only cost me 8k in magic compared to 28k for the last prior battle with them and 2 level ups for my main character.

Edit: 3 Oct 09

Once you get to the higher levels abandon the above strategy. Build a fog wall right against (but not over and no hinders) your leading edge troops, string them out in a line abreast and pound away with hand attacks. As you eliminate enemy units, other units step into the void so eventually you are "re-eliminating" 5 or 6 units at a time. Eventually, they'll give up and and a round of cure potions should set you right for a maximum score.