View Full Version : Can't seem to get the spells cast where you want them?

06-07-2009, 07:55 PM
Problems with aligning and ovelapping your cloud and hinderence (entangle and mud) spells? try this: Mutiple casts of the same spell to end on the same turn, for example 3 rangers casting mud. When it's time to target, only target one and let the other two wait, press next turn and voila, you have 2 more spells to target with a area already marked to be used for alignment. Works well with dispair spells also, if you, as I do, prefer to kill enemy leaders rathen than demoralize them and have them run away. Wait until the despair is the only thing left and cast it after the enemy has taken it's turn. This prevents enemy leaders from moving into the target hex and getting zapped in error.

The risk here though, is that the enemy gets one more chance to disrupt your spell.