View Full Version : Economic Meltdown

05-21-2009, 01:10 AM
Apparently, several greedy Goblin and Orc Hedge Fund managers were playing the market, causing a massive disruption and inflation of wealth in the NPC economy of Aragon. When two Trollish Ponzi schemes collapsed, the economy went into a tailspin - confidence in the economy dropped to an all-time low. Unfortunately, the guilty parties escaped with their golden parachutes, and are presumed to be very wealthy, lurking somewhere in the lands of Aragon.

The Gods intervened, applying stress tests to NPC cities, and found that all of them needed to be bailed out by divine intervention. Each of them has been reset, and now the economy is slowly recovering from this financial crisis. There is once again a rising amount of trade in the world, and the almost bankrupt NPC cities are slowly recovering, with the help of the NERP funds (NPC Economic Rescue Program).

We expect the world to return to normal in about a year, as all the economic indicators point in a positive direction.

As a side note, Elves, Goblins and Centaurs now get twice as much food production from Forest lands, owing to their superior foraging skills in the woods over the other races.