View Full Version : Major World/Region changes

04-22-2009, 07:16 AM
Unless you're asleep, you've noticed that there are major changes in the World and Region levels of the game. On the World level, the Next Turn function only affects your city economics. (Your units, too, if you have region turns left.)

Now, the game is concentrated in the Region level, where you will see armies marching across that you may or may not encounter. And, the only way to journey across the world is to travel across regions. This world is really vast! This will make it seem more so. The region specials, such as NPC armies, have a visibility range. You'll have to patrol to find them if they are outside some predetermined range, which varies by the type of special.

Let us know if there is something odd, or wrong, with all these changes. We'll be on top of any bugs that are found, and will stomp them out as soon as we can.