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10-31-2008, 10:41 PM
Well I was reminising about Sword of Aragon and how fun it was, back when the idea of computer games was still brand new. To my digust I cant get a version to run on Windows XP. Which makes me almost want to rebuild an old toaster with Win 98 just to play it.

Then I found this...

I was excited at first. The idea that I can grow beyond the limits of the old game and so on and so forth. Then I played it. Frustrating to say the least. I did enjoy some of the old school looks. but I do have some critiques. Granted I have only been toiling with this for a couple of days, but it has started to discourage me alot.

I tried countless diferent tactics and styles from the creation through the first several months of play and some of the fights were good but it becomes a war of attrition too soon. Without the ability to develop or trade for resources I cant keep an army equiped or built up.

Having to sit and wait for the world to take its turn and then watching the counter go into the negative with no action button is frustrating.

I applaud the effort and I hope you succeed in getting this game working. At the very least Id like to see the old game made compatable with current opperating systems. Sad to say Im so out of touch with DOS that I dont think I could use it now if I had to.

11-01-2008, 04:39 PM
Sword will work on Windows XP if you set the "compatibility mode" to Windows 98. Right click on SWORD.EXE and in Properties > Compatibility there is a drop-down with this as one of the choices. Unfortunately, the mouse does not work properly, so you have to use the keyboard.

We're hoping to solve the other game issues you mention here soon. Trade, in particular, is a problem because the NPCs have gotten out of control. I'm going to refresh them all so there should again be trade opportunites.

I hope you'll come back every so often, and check the news, to see if we can get this game working the way it should. And thank you much for the feedback -- we don't get nearly enough of that.

11-02-2008, 03:31 AM
I spent a few more hours today just incase I was having bad luck yesterday.

The game can still be fun, dont get me wrong. There are some bugs that I see though. I noticed on many occassions where Goblin bowmen in particular are not effected by Line Of Sight issues. I noticed that this occurred in the town defense from behind buildings and/or trees and in the wilderness with regards to trees/bluffs.

One other issue that was concerning was that when units were given orders to move through or around each other, they often would stay in place for several sequences and do nothing at all. This includes some champions and hero not firing a missile weapon when they have a chance. Its possable that they just missed, but that event doesnt show up on the combat scroll.

With very slow access to trade and equipment, it seams the AI and NPC armies ramp up extremely fast compared to my own. I am having alot of trouble keeping champions (Especially casting types) alive.

I won several 10 straight fights today and then was completely decimated in 2 back to back fights. I cant rebuild what I needed to continue my original path. Is there anyway for you to look at my arrangement and see if I have done something wrong?

I dont know if you are running a parcer that will track things like that, it would just be interesting to know why I lost so severely. Thanks for the tips on Win 98. BTW, I typically play the account Rikkus, rather than this one. I created one account for at work and the other at home.

I hope you dont take my input too seriously and harshly. I actually have some pretty high hopes for what you have going here. I would love to see it progress a little, maybe even get some world wide attention.


11-03-2008, 08:43 PM
One thing I notice about your game is that you've built all 5 of the Education developments. Each of these is very, very costly, and has little benefit for low level characters. I would erase all of those, which will help your city productivity, morale, and enhance your ability to produce everything else. Low morale may be one reason you don't have many recruits.

We're going to make some changes shortly that will help the stacking problem (which is what is causing your units to jam up). And the NPCs are going to be reset, so there should be some real trade opportunities in a few days.