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07-31-2008, 01:08 AM
I'm starting a new thread that I hope any beginning players who may not be entirely clear as to what is going on. Keep in mind that AO is creating a very detailed tactical role-playing experience. Too much information can also be a problem.

1. There may be places in the game where the player does an action but the results of the action are not immediately apparent. Sometimes, a player may not even know if his "action" has "gone through". Examples: Equippng a unit: this involves a change in Gold Pieces, Weight, (affecting movement), Armor Class and Stacking. The player should be able to see the results of their changes immediately. (Caution: armor class is incredibly detailed and complex according to armor type and weapon type.)

2. Building units and reinforcing units. It is possible too build a unit with too many soldiers. That unit can missile and throw, but it can't move or attack. (Need a warning sign if a player makes a unit that is too big.)

3. World, Aragon, Region and Tactical maps fail to give the player a sense of distance for each map or that each Next Turn is different according to which map a player is on at the time. Some wonder why they can't travel on the World map. I'd replace the word Aragon for Continent, and put all four map buttons in size order.

4. Aragon level turns are a week long, but how long are developmental turns? They seem not to be the same.
Development: Are the numbers given for workers and lumber and treasure total costs or monthly (per turn) costs? How many "Turns" does it really take to complete, 12 or 52? (My subjects will rebel long before I finish that damned Academy. City Morale is about as low as it can get.) The housing number is pretty worthless. Why not just say how many people can be housed. Quantity to me sounds like the number of housing structures not how many citizens can be sheltered.

5. Formation: This is a good option, but it is using the old system of movement which will be very confusing to most players.

6. Sometimes, you hit a loop and all one has to do is "refresh". To do so, just click on Aragon and your turn will proceed. However, only about two people know this. The Aragon menu itself is very much understated. It's as important as "Press M" for Move was in Sword of Aragon. And we can only guess how many people started the game and go nowhere because they didn't press M.

7. Movement during battle: I thing this is a place to work on. If a player does figure out how to move their units, they have no idea how far they can move per "turn". Having 9 Movement Points does not mean a unit can travel
9 hexes per turn. Maybe not a big deal. A player that finishes a battle may come to realize that one hex may cost 3 or even more movement points, but it is just one more confusion added to one or two others that will cause a lot of potential players to say "Screw it!". We don't want that.

If any of these points has been a source of confusion, let us know. And, if you have any suggestions as to how we may make the game clearer, please, let us know. AO is a dynamic game that will be added to, refined and improved constantly. We hope your feedback will help us in that endeavor.