View Full Version : New features and bug fixes

06-29-2008, 05:14 AM
I added a new feature to tactical battles. Now there is a +Plan button which will show you a graphic representation of your orders for the current turn. Attack, Move, Missile and Spell are shown in different colors. The graphic makes the map non-clickable at this point, so hide it before you try to do anything. Also, several Ranger spells that previously didn't work are now operational: Dry, Entangle, Gust and Mud. I also cleaned up quite a lot of the code for battlefield effects, so hopefully everything will work better now. Finally, as usual I fixed quite a few small problems, optimized some routines, and made other changes for a better game play experience. And, there is more new art, now for Elves! Orcs and Dwarves are coming soon!