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07-15-2012, 04:29 AM
1. Does your army and recruits count in the Housing? For example in my city screen I have 987 Total and 69 Militia and 88 Army. Does the 157 militia and army figure in the total population and do they figure in the housing requirements?

2. How often do your spells refresh, i know stamina rises by the regional turns , do spells refresh or is it by the world or week turn ?

3. I need more population, how to encourage more births ?

4. How do i get magic weaponry for my baseline troops. Can i make Halberds +1 or Plate +1 for my troops?

5. What does Warehousing do? My stock pile of wood etc treasury etc all have above 10k, i have no warehouses at the moment. Do i need them for something ?

6. I cannot find any documentation of the effects of high or low Chivalry , Morality or Ethics . Can the devs write up something or is this not in play yet.

thank you for your time and the great game.

07-18-2012, 01:49 AM
1. Recruits and militia ARE your population. If you hire recruits, your population decreases. Militia are the townspeople who are, say, farmers who have fought before, and have leather armor and a short sword at home. They will defend their homes, but not go campaigning.

2. Spells will refresh a bit EVERY region turn. Just not all at once.

3. You won't get many births in a week. Have patience. Immigration is your friend, though. High morale and loyalty will encourage that. But, look through the posts (totally wrecked economy) and don't wish for too much growth too fast.

4. Magic can be bought in the Market, or captured as spoils.

5. Warehouses limit your storage capacity, or are supposed to. They are partly implemented as of now.

6. High is good. Low is bad. There are lots of (hidden) effects.

lina maya
04-27-2016, 09:05 PM
Thank you aragonfor the answer and good luck .