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07-09-2012, 08:22 AM
HI all

the game has much promise but it is not working at this point ( understandably beta )

1. the UAM drop down box is not reliable. Using the latest Firefox 13.01, from time to time clicking on the box or the messages etc does not bring it up, clicking on other options, City etc. works. Solution workaround reload page.

2. Targeting not working. Targeting is problematic, if i want to target 1 unit which already was targeted before by another unit, i have to select attack/missile/throw etc click on an empty box and then redo the action to click on a target as if the cross-hair is already on the unit, it does not " refresh " and you cannot select the target underneath it.

3. Lack of documentation etc. I did not know that spells or missile weapons are not refreshed until the end of the week. Which means during the very first week after the initial attack on my town, the next attacks means your spell casters and missile troops are standing there empty. I also did not know that your spell casters have a limited number of spell missiles. Could not find any documentation.

4. Bug with Ogre army. Selecting a pre created army and clicking save twice deletes your main Hero. ( Your wealth suddenly increases to 3.5 k and your main hero mysteriously disappears )

5. You can occasionally select your army in the field. But only once per battle. After that you cannot select any unit and must use the UAM.

I hope things get better but at this point i am unable to progress in this game as the tactical battles are bugged and tedious to manage.

07-09-2012, 12:06 PM
More testing

Hi all

i switch to Chrome and things are working better.

The targeting still requires 2 clicks but at least it does auto disappears some times .

The bugged no UAM or no menu still exists, a page reload is still used to solve that.

07-09-2012, 07:38 PM
I'll have a look. We tested extensively with FF and Chrome, but there is obviously some new "feature".

07-14-2012, 05:30 PM
Testing with FireFox was disappointing - it used to be my browser of choice. It is painfully slow, and SoundManager fails on load. The crosshair problem has been resolved, and a couple of other minor problems were found and fixed. This may resolve the menu problem. We'll test further.

Use your region turns to rest your units and regain spells.