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08-18-2011, 10:18 PM
Today I logged on and went to Play Aragon to continue a battle. I selected the appropriate sequence to have two adjacent units-- one above the other-- attack an enemy unit on an adjacent hex. I noticed that a new cursor appeared. It is a circle with cross hairs in it like a target sight. When I looked at my plan the red arrows went from each of my units to the other. I tried to redo this several times with no luck. I could only re-target missile with one and Entrench with the other. I'm continuing the battle unless this comes up again but would like to know what happened. I am playing on a new computer and have just installed Google Chrome.

08-19-2011, 01:36 AM
Thanks for that - I resolved that. I added the new cursor to make it clearer when a particular hex is targeted, and improved the "tool tip" when a spell is targeted to include range and etc.

08-19-2011, 07:37 AM
Now that I have used it I like it.

02-22-2016, 12:48 PM
Since I have utilized it I like it.