View Full Version : Grrrrrrr....... Move out! MOVE OUT!!!

08-06-2011, 10:21 PM
There is an aspect of battle that constantly bemuses me. I have my units set to perform surround tactics, all are in position several moves before, all show that the movement can be accomplished because their move to is not gray, but one or more of them will not move. Sometimes this is for one turn only, sometimes more and sometimes the move to location must be changed. And as Orpheus I don't think I have any units with the 'stack' problem or others. What do you think is going on? When this happens, I usually entrench all the units that will and pull the others back until the units that did not move get into position. However, I have taken hits that I would not have and have failed to totally eliminate some units that I should have. This is a little frustrating. When I was a young Infantry Captain I once told a Vietnamese counterpart over the radio to move his platoons into position "NOW" or the next artillery would fall all over HIM. He moved. LOL I think I might have really done it........

08-28-2011, 07:47 PM
I would like even SWAGs about what is happening. I'll add that often the units have had a turn or more of attack just before being asked to move. But even when they have been 'entrenched' for several turns sometimes they just sit there and don't show gray until after the turn takes place. They even show a white movement bar on the 'plan' and still don't move. I'm getting rather annoyed....... But I still like the game.