View Full Version : unable to select mage unit to target spell

04-23-2011, 03:50 PM
Operating System: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
Browser: Firefox
Version: 4.0
Error Code (if any): N/A
What were you doing/attempting to do in the game at the time: Attempting to select (left-click) the stack containing my mage in order to target a cast spell.
What happened: I was unable to select this unit (no unit dialog opened) and get stuck in an endless loop of next turn can't process due to spell needing to be targeted.

This has also happened in Firefox 3.6.x and Chrome in previous game attempts. This is very frustrating. I took a screenshot of the plan window and it looks odd. Maybe this will help folks figure out what is going on.


I have tried closing the game and restarting from within the same browser instance. Next I'll try using a different browser. Other than starting over, what else should I try? If I do start over, should I just give up on magic?

04-23-2011, 03:53 PM
Same problem in IE 8. In both browsers, the "All units" menu also does not work. I forgot to mention that above.

04-23-2011, 04:38 PM
That should be fixed now. I'm a little puzzled as to why it was broken, as the code that was not working should only happen for throw or missile attack. We'll look into that some more, and see if there is some other underlying problem.

04-23-2011, 05:03 PM
I may have had throwers and/or archers in the stack. I've been stacking mages with archer units since I generally want them in a tactically similar location.

Also, in this battle I had two archer units - one from the initial purchase and one created. The created unit did not have missile as an option and I know I assigned them short bows during create. I initially thought I'd forgotten to do something (maybe I needed to equip them manually before venturing forth from town) due to my newness, but reading some of the threads here has me wondering if there is an issue.

Thank you for responding quickly.

Is there anything I can do other than start over? This is only my 2nd battle, so no biggie if I need to start over.

04-23-2011, 09:02 PM
It might have been that bow unit with no equipment, then. That will give us something to look at.

There must (still) be a problem when creating a new unit. If you go back to the summary, then to equip, you'll have the normal options. I gave your bows some basic equipment, and targeted your fatigue spell. Feel free to change the target. Select Cast Fatigue, then Target Fatigue on the next menu. Click on an enemy hex. The Pikemen are recommended targets.

Before starting the game over, you may want to get some playing experience under your belt and decide if you want a fresh start. Make a few mistakes, then start new with the lessons you've learned making a new game start that much better.

04-27-2011, 05:36 AM
Send me a PM when you are confident that you're going to stick with the character (and Army) you have chosen and I'll send you a Bug Report Bonus.

06-28-2011, 10:53 PM
Vista Pro 32 bit
Google Chrome

I've also had the above problem many times. I have properly created, equipped and saved units with various gear and looked at the units config in the summary list of units and everything looked fine. But then in battle I suddenly find that I can't missile or throw. I look and the equipment has disappeared. I've tried to go into the equip page and reissue the equipment. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I've started checking all units prior to the first turn of battle and reorganizing when I must.
I've also had problems with 'Unit Stacking Exceeded'. I cannot create a unit with more than 50 individuals for Infantry and sometimes only 30 for Mounted Units. I have even had units that had 50 men and some got killed in battle. When I went back to replace those men I would get that error message and the quantity would revert to whatever number remained after the ones were killed. Additionally, in this situation the program will not allow addition of any type of equipment even to the remaining men.
I have tried to calculate what the Stacking limit is for random armies that attack us. Based on the number of hits it takes to annihilate a unit I think there must be a 100 very well equipped men in each enemy unit. Is that true?
I have trouble casting most spells. I select the spell and then click on an appropriate unit but then get a message when the turn starts that the spell must be cast or targeted. So, I go to the caster and go through the process again. Sometimes there is an additional drop down menu that allows me to pick a unit, sometimes it just says "cast xx", but sometimes there is nothing but what I originally saw. So, I try to cast the spell, only to have the program tell me that it must be cast again.

06-29-2011, 01:05 AM
There is a bug somewhere in the unit page/save code. I cannot reproduce it, so if you can give me a clue, we'd be really grateful. I put some debugging code in to see if I can find something. Let us know if you find other problems (probably caused by that code!)

07-02-2011, 11:05 PM
Well, now I cannot add any spells at all. LOL I can change the weapon and if there is a conflict change the missile or whatever is conflicting. I am allowed to add multiple throws and missiles but when I 'save' equipment everything reverts to the configuration extant when I started. I still have the problem with missiles multiplying to huge quantities between turns and must check all my units to reduce these. Sometimes I input 200 but when I save the program changes that to say 500 (not exact, just and example).

Also, casting spells is very 'iffy'. Usually I can cast them only after I have requested them the turn before and the program tells me that the spell must be targeted. Originally when selecting say 'spell' the pull down menu will have several choices. When one is chosen the menus close. You can click a hex but the spell will not be cast. Then one or two turns (or longer) later a message will be displayed that the spell must be targeted. Now, after selecting spell, 'specific spell', there will be a menu with 'cast "spell"' at the top and you can then cast the spell. The "spell" will be the exact one you had selected. It's very irritating.

08-14-2011, 05:20 PM
I am having many problems actually finishing the casting of spells. The mages or priests go through Casting the spell and when I click on their group, Cast Pyro, or Cast Missile or whatever will be displayed in Bold highlighted font, but when I click on that I don't get the window which should tell me which targets are in range. I don't get anything and just clciking a satisfactory target does nothing either. So, then I get the message "such and such Spell must be cast" and I usually just have the caster do something else and loose that spell. When it works it works when it doesn't it sure spoils the soup.

08-14-2011, 11:06 PM
Next time that happens, leave the game there and let me know. I'll either let you know what's happening, or fix the problem.

08-17-2011, 07:54 PM
Okay. I have stopped at Tactical turn 10 and have two spells which I can select and open the Cast "SPELL" window BUT do not open a "Targets in Range" window. Can you advise please?

08-17-2011, 08:17 PM
Pyro is targeted correctly. Growth needs to be set to a hex. And Prayer, the other spell, does not need a target as it affects all of your units. None of those spells generate an enemies or friendlies menu. Select Target, then click on a hex to select where to cast. I'll set Pyro as an example for you. I'm not sure where I'd target growth (which will increase the size of Forested hexes).

08-18-2011, 08:53 PM
Wasn't there a Missile spell also. My memory may not be correct here. Sorry. Is it okay for me to continue the game?