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par one
01-06-2011, 06:57 PM
ok, i finally managed to march to a neighoring city and attack. it was a long march, and one of my henchwomen, fiona, was killed on the way. but more about this later.

when i got to this city(boston), it was odd. it was an orc city, player controlled. i was attacking from the north. but to the south of the city, there were more human troops. except they were wearing purple(my men wear white). and they too were fighting the orcs. could i have attacked boston at the same time a computer attack arrived?

we moved south to set up on a hill. the orcs and purple humans were duking it out. orc units moved north to engage me. we cut them up pretty easily. some of the southern human units broke through and were hostile and we chopped them up too. we wiped out a lot of units from both factions.

both armies fled the field.

but when it was over, i was told i had 'defended my city'. what a bummer. no spoils, and i even increased the moral of the city i attacked and was supposedly pillaging!


but the three armies at one time in one battle was very, very cool.

another wierd thing, though, is that my dead ranger chick, who wasn't even in the battle, gained a level. also, she reappeared. i may rename her lazarus. i have had lots and lots of my henchmen 'eliminated', and the skulls show up and everything, but then come back after the battle. but this henchwoman had been previously listed as 'killed' in an AAR.

lots to consider...

01-06-2011, 08:03 PM
Par One's observations are good ones.
First, the Morale of the attacked city is a clitch. 99.9% of all battles are fought within a player's region. We have spent countless hours on the Region adventures, but are lagging behind on attacking other PC or NPC cities. PO just found one of the clitches. (Where's your LIST, Russ?)

As far as another army attacking the orcs, it could be a coincidence. More than likely you attacked a Newby city that the player left just as he/she was attacked by an NPC force. The player may intend to come back or may have abandoned the game all together. But it is possible to fight with four armies at a time, PC or NPC or combination thereof. One of our goals is to establish a wide player audience that can make alliances and go do combat together. (Merlin from the forests of Oregon and Moriority from the Left Coast of California once joined forces to crush nasty virtual critters from Hell. It was a cool battle, but the forces from Hell really had no chance. Horn Blow!) We think it's really cool to potentially having a guy from China join with a guy from Germany to fight two guys from the UK in real time.

Dead ranger chick. All my henchmen are actually henchwomen as well. Anyway, she may have been "Eliminated" but not killed. Eliminated is a bit of a misnomer. It means "from the battle" and she may not be dead and could still be revived after the battle, which would occur automatically. If you looked at her stats, you probably saw that she had one hit point, 0 Morale and 0 Stamina. Careful! Those, "Eliminated" meassages sometimes mean they have indeed died. It's a variable "die roll" based on the PCs level of victory, (or defeat). It's a bummer losing a high level mage that way.

Play on!


par one
01-06-2011, 09:29 PM
cool feedback. as far as my dead henchwoman, she was DEAD. listed as killed in the previous battle, and also did not appear in the city battle. moriarty, i'm tellin' you, that chick was stone cold dead! glad to have her back though. fiona is a hot name, so i liked her.

tried to become a member today, but got all messed up with paypal. will attempt again.

one more time though, the multi army battle was really cool.

01-07-2011, 12:28 AM
There are numerous 3-way battles for heroes. Sometimes, 4-way. You have an ally and 1 or 2 enemies.