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11-28-2010, 09:50 PM

I'm putting together a D&D campaign that will emulate the SOA plot (of course, knowing my party, they will have burned down Aladda and joined the Titans within the first week, but anyway...)

Does anyone have JPGs or otherwise of the full (no cities hidden) map of the land, and is there anywhere that will remind me of the general plot line; what trolls attacked when, and which cities asked for treaties etc?

I could try and play through the entire game again (two handed swords and cross bows all the way) but that's a LOT of work for a campaign :-)


11-29-2010, 12:05 PM
Here's a points list I found by googling: http://www.cheatbook.de/wfiles/swordofaragon.htm

I don't know if anyone has a jpg map.

11-29-2010, 09:18 PM
Yeah, I found that, but was hoping for something more detailed
No worries, thanks.

11-30-2010, 12:57 AM
It's been so long ago, I've forgotten many of the details. Perhaps Moriority will post something, as he has played Sword much more recently than me.

12-03-2010, 12:10 AM

I may have left out a few things, but I think most of the city plots are here.

Sword of Aragon Summary.

Opening battle. Orcs will attack Aladda and if the player wins, recover his/her father’s Magic Sword, Lance, Bow, Wand or Shield depending on the class of the player.

There will be several monsters residing near Aladda to deal with. The Cyclops, Minotaur, and evil mages. There will be a plea to save a merchant’s child. The trial of Olaf gives the player a roll-playing choice.

NE of Aladda is Marinia. There is a civil war of sorts between the bad Marinians and the good Marinians. There are several ways to play this one. Brocada may have an interesting offer for the player. Before you get to Paritan, you have to fight your way over a river crossing. Paritan could be a problem, but, you may be aided by friendly elves. Nuralia is a city that may be attacked or besieged, conquered or vassalized.

The mountains have two passes through them. One leads to the Goblins of Gernok and the other leads to the Orcs of Zarnix. There are nasty dragons in those northern mountains as well as a “Resting Place”, and remnants of Pitlag’s army. Sitting astride the northern pass is Gernok and a lot of goblins.

To the south is Sur Nova, where the player finds giants, evil priests, and very nasty trolls. Sur Nova, easy to take, hard to hold. The Dwarves on Xafanta reside in the mountains. Deals can be made with them. The trolls of Trollhome may give you a heck of a fight.

South of Sur Nova, the land opens to a vast plain. Here the player may get involved in a civil war between two warring tribes of horsemen. In the far south, Tentula sits on a lake and may have an offer for the player. East of Tentula is the Giant stronghold of The Char.

The southern pass is dominated by Zarnix orcs. Dwarves might be helpful here. As ruler of Zarnix, the player should be wary of assassins. North of Zarnix is a secret place for the true ruler of Aragon.

East of Zarnix is Pudawala. The Puds are having a problem with Prince Malthorn and with the Emperor, Lucinian IV. South of them is Lucedia The land of the Frehali Knights. West of Lucedia, high in the mountains is the Titan capital, the Dersh. There is something of interest in this city.

There is a hidden elven city called Medeval. Very tough.

North of Pudawala is Sothold, It has recently been taken over by forces from Malthorn’s Estallah and by imperial forces of Lucinian IV of Tetrada. There are rebels outside of Sothold may be willing to make a deal with someone who would free their city. North of Sothold is Estallah and then finally, Tetrada, the most powerful city in Aragon. When you have the Scepter and the Crown of Aragon and have conquered Tetrada, you will be proclaimed “Sword of Aragon” amid cheering crowds.

There are 4 magic items, all of which go to the main character. The fore-mentioned weapons “recovered” from Father after the first battle. An amulet, scepter and a crown. One gives an armor class bonus, one gives a 10% bonus on hit points and one regenerates 2 hp per turn.

This game fits in 384 KB. It still amazes me sometimes how much got put into such a little package.

I hope you enjoy playing Sword of Aragon again and again,

12-03-2010, 03:42 PM
Here's the cover and the map from the back of the user guide: