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08-11-2010, 01:19 AM
Hi again Merlin,just throwing out my oppinion .

I think its a good game with fantastic potential and i am very impressed with what you have achieved for a browser game .
I hope you dont mind me making suggestions to what i would consider a better game ?.
I probably didnt play all that well and found myself defending my home all the time when i would much rather be out there investigating the npc towns ,possibly visiting friendly player locations for trade or something maybe ,rather than wandering armies popping out and rushing to my town i would rather see settlements appear that would be challenging to take out and monster lairs that set up for my characters to bash up with nice loot rewards.

Also instead of hiring hero`s from my town i would like to have an influence rating for my main character so he can go to the local npc town and try to influence hero`s to my position,the npc towns would obviously have to have a list of characters there for players to influence.

i kind of like the city system although i`m sure it needs refining ,like i never really got my population going up much ( probably bad play ) ,im sure the walls i built should have taken 3 turns not 1 again could be wrong but it didnt seem right ,all in all the city progress is a bit clunky for me .

please dont take this as a complaint because its not ,i hope you see this as constuctive thoughts on where to improve the flow of the game .

I will have another go from the start although i doubt in its present form i can take all the battles .


08-11-2010, 05:27 AM
If you had ventured out (on the Region level), you would have used up more turns, and encountered those armies before they attacked your city. If you have Region turns left when you take your Aragon turn, the chance of random attacks increases. It's a very good plan to adventure around your area, so that you can eliminate armies that may attack.

Your other ideas are the same as ours, and may be worked into the game at some point.

Thanks for your input. We appreciate it.

Note: I reduced the chance of those marauding armies somewhat, so you won't get pounded quite as frequently.

08-11-2010, 05:09 PM
And in the words of a popular fabulist: "If you build it , they will come." Spend the money on your infrastructure. Population grows slowly, but it does grow and eventually you'll be wondering what to do with all those people. Just be careful not to overextend your work force. Short term they take forever, long term they get pissed off and bail.

Total 35,842 people +319 (from my current city summary)