View Full Version : mage that lose a level without apparent reason

07-29-2010, 11:11 AM
Your spoils are 37.0 armor, 19.7 weapon, 12.5 bow, 43.5 horse.
You recovered 1 Potion: Vigor, 17 Amulet: Defense +1, 16 Boots: Endurance +1. quiritus encountered a Ogre army. You are victorious! 25% bonus for reducing enemy to 5% You gained a total of 421,440 experience. Experience bonus 439%
Your Chivalry is at maximum!
Your win-loss increased by 5

Abelot gained 2 levels!

quiritus:You have encountered an Elf army! You are victorious! You reduced the enemy to 31% You gained a total of 69,630 experience. Experience bonus 165%
Your Chivalry is at maximum!
Your win-loss increased by 1.7

Abelot lost 1 level!
This mage traveling alone, fought a first battle and gain two level, from 6 to 8. two turn after fought another battle with same other units. it keep no damage in that battle....but at the end is demoted to level 7

07-30-2010, 12:39 AM
The game is supposed to limit level advances to 1 at a time. It mostly works, but seems not to have in this case, the level increased by 2, but the Mage's experience was correctly limited. We'll look into that, again. (It's been a hard to reproduce and difficult to test problem.)