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07-12-2010, 04:45 PM
it is possible to have a box in the trade screen in order to have the same amount of commodities disponible to be imported or exported every turn?

now if i want for example 500 of timber, i must write every turn, as the number i changed to negative as soon as the trade take place.

what i want is to import a fixed amount of timber avoiding micromanagement.

if i understand correctly how the automatic section work the engine sell or buy comodities in order to keep a selected total in wharehouses....

07-12-2010, 05:47 PM
Currently the automatic trade function on the trade page will trade for or trade out items based on the levels you set. As an example using food and gold, if you set food to a higher amount than you possess and gold to a lower amount then the system will automatically trade gold for food until either of the preset levels is reached. Setting up a fixed amount to trade would run you the risk of dropping that resource to a level lower than you need for regular city and unit maintenance. The beauty of the auto system is that you don't need to micro manage it. Just check it every few months (and the trade message page as well) to keep your totals current.
BTW, it goes without saying (so I'll say it anyway) that you need to have trading partners. Use your scouts and spies to develop these resources. {added for the general populace's education, I know your are already doing that}

Here's my current trade report as an example:

28 Junia 1342 Q.J.
Amber traded 1200.0 of Food (Ship cost 381.6) to Harkworth for 1200.0 of Treasure (Ship cost 38.2)
Amber traded 6800.0 of Food (Ship cost 1162.8) to Dersh for 6800.0 of Treasure (Ship cost 116.3)
Amber traded 600.0 of Food (Ship cost 147.6) to Sur Nova for 600.0 of Treasure (Ship cost 14.8)
Amber traded 6900.0 of Food (Ship cost 1179.9) to Dersh for 6900.0 of Treasure (Ship cost 118.0)
3 Mabia 1342 Q.J.
Amber traded 800.0 of Food (Ship cost 196.8) to Sur Nova for 800.0 of Treasure (Ship cost 19.7)
8 Markuria 1342 Q.J.
Amber traded 1400.0 of Food (Ship cost 445.2) to Harkworth for 1400.0 of Treasure (Ship cost 44.5)
15 Febraria 1342 Q.J.
Amber traded 5100.0 of Food (Ship cost 872.1) to Dersh for 5100.0 of Treasure (Ship cost 87.2)
21 Deceria 1341 Q.J.
Amber traded 1400.0 of Magic (Ship cost 44.5) to Harkworth for 1400.0 of Treasure (Ship cost 44.5)