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06-03-2010, 05:40 AM
Graphics Month

/aragon/dragon1.gifThis month, there is a "full-press" on enhancing Aragon Online's graphics. There will be improved Wall and Tower graphics, and units will eventually have animations for movement, attack, missile and other actions. As soon as we have a full set of animations for a unit, it will be added to the game. The Walls and Towers will be re-rendered using a new PovRay model set being developed in-house, and we have hired a 3D artist to model and render the units.

/aragon/grafix/tactical/elf/t2202000.png/aragon/grafix/tactical/hum/t2202000.pngLook for incremental improvements over the next few months. Screen shots to follow as soon as we have some work in progress to show! (Hint: Watch the Programmer's Cubicle Forum for some in-progress updates, including source code!)