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05-04-2010, 07:24 PM
No matter how hard you to try to prevent it, your city WILL be attacked occasionally. If you're home (you and your army at resident at the time) No Problem. HOWEVER, if you happen to be on patrol in your region when a roving party slips into your city, you've got a problem. Your militia by itself usually is not strong enough to defend the city. One remedy to this is to leave behind a few henchmen to bolster your fighting force. Rangers and Priests are most effective for this. Rangers for their War Cry and Slowing Spells (Mud, Entangle) and Priests for Prayer and heal/cure. If you have unencumbered Line of Sight, Mages are helpful with cloud spells.

Also consider building wall and towers as you are able. Both enhance Line of Sight when units are atop of them (some lower elevation buildings will not block missile weapons where they did before) and slow the enemy when they approach. If you DO build walls, you need at least one tower attached. The towers have the stairs that allow you to ascend and descend the wall.

Think about building at least one gate. Your larger horse units can't climb a tower to get out of the fortress and need to have unfettered access to the battle field.

When building the fortress, take in to account the formation you've selected (see my post on formations and battle order). Allow enough space between the front of your lines and the walls to allow movement inside of the fortress. Too close and you'll have troops on the wall. If they are horse units they won't be able to move for the duration of the battle.

Utilize your militia to best effect. Throw them into the battle early and then flank the enemy with your regular troops. Militia will ALWAYS regenerate for the next battle. Heal your regular troops 1st at the end of the battle, and then, if you have spells left, heal the militia. Take into account, however, that the more hit points you restore at the end of the battle, the better the battle results will be.

05-04-2010, 08:07 PM
Yes I learned the hard way about towers on the wall.

Currently waiting for production worker levels to catch up so I can demo some of the wall and place towers.

Got lucky with just militia twice. perhaps because I built walls first, managed to stave off two different attacks with just militia, an ogre one at that too.

I should note that players should leave some room for the enemy to get on the board. as it stands now I have one strip of land on my east side that is outside the walls. the monsters almost always appear there and have to head up to my east gate, this provides me a long time to shoot missiles at them before they even get to the lines.

on the inside of my city I have taken up putting towers right on hill tops to give an even better line of sight through out the city.

Up til now Imaldris has been well defended. I imagine the next level of monsters is going to make me glad that I cleared the forest outside the gates