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03-18-2010, 06:41 AM
Recommended a few MMOG price comparison site

No matter how the game development companies combat gold sellers or how many players hate gold dealers' refuse ads, but it can not deny that we do need gold to better enjoy the game. As game players, we have to recognize the benefits of buying gold, which saves a lot of boring time to kill beasts, and get rid of many optional tasks. Maybe there are some crazy players would like to complete all the tasks, but I am not at all. God, it's annoying. I can not be controlled by those developers, who let me "go to this place and kill a few monsters" or "go to see someone and get a book", sort of the task. You can understand which game I blame.

But if buy gold, we might inadvertently fall into some well-designed trap, which even could make our credit card stolen, losing a lot of money. We can not determine from the refuse ads which gold seller is credible and which is a liar. Each gold seller are bragging that their service is the best, shipping is the fastest, and get thousands of players' praise. Do not believe these lies, if you do, you will find they will change their attitude as soon as you pay: Delivery is delayed for payment has problems that they cannot receive the money. Or the gold is not enough, and you need to wait 100 hours. I believe many people have these unpleasant experiences, and vowed never believe these liars.

Fortunately, there are some cute guys help us to solve these problems. Now I will list a few MMO Gold price comparison site, which are very reliable, and collect a large number of gold sellers information. Through them we can find trustworthy gold sellers, and buy the cheapest gold or game account. The most important thing is, they also tell us which sites are liars and extremely non-trusted.

1. Gold price check
Alexa Rank: 20,681,307

Design style is very simple: In addition to the price comparison of gold, there's no more interfering thing. And they only collect five games' gold price (WoW, Lineage2, LotRO, Guild Wars, Vanguard). Just a few clicks to find gold price on the server. However, unfortunately, their collection of gold vendors’ information is limited, and some gold price often can not be displayed. Maybe the developers fall asleep, I thought, we should shout: Hey, man, wake up.

1. Page is simple, easy to check price.
2. Access speed is fast.

Collect a small number of gold sellers, and some gold price often can not be displayed.

2. MMOGoldprices
Alexa Rank: 1,608,261

Simple design: developers are well aware that what information should be provided to users. MMOGoldprices offers the gold price of several most popular online games (WOW, FFXI, AION, etc.). Query speed is fast, but there is only three gold sellers' information. Although these three gold sellers are relatively reliable, but their prices are high, thus the players' choice is too little, which might let down the players who want to save money. And there's little trouble to check wow gold price, because of too many servers, so server list pages will be displayed very slowly. It seems like a crash, but after a moment, it will be opened. I thought, MMOGoldprices ought to find better developers.

1. Offer the gold price of several most popular online games.
2. Query speed is fast.

1. Some pages will be displayed very slowly.
2. Little gold sellers’ information.
3. Price updates slowly, nearly once a month.

3. MMOGoldService
Alexa Rank: 542,679

Very nice web site design, reasonable layout, the page open fast, and the information are rich. They offer up to 80 popular online games' gold price, more than 1000 gold vendors' information and comments, which include World of Warcraft, FFXI, Aion, EVE Online, and the most popular MMORPG. MMOGoldService timely updates the price of gold every day, synchronizing the data with gold market site at any time. Importantly, they collect tens of thousands of players comment about gold sellers and purchase experience. These comments detailed describe each vendor's price, service quality, delivery speed and so on. MMOGoldService also recommend 10 best sellers for players, and players can safely buy gold from those sellers. Of course, if you have any problems during the purchase, you can leave the message to MMOGoldservice at any time. The site administrator will heavily punish those gold sellers, and announced their fraud activities, which is meaningful to all players.

MMOGoldService highlights are not only these, they have more things that make you scream: free games guide. Although numerous sites offer so-called "free guides", MMOGoldService's offer is the best: Top 30 MMORPG, up to thousands of pages of game guides - all free of charge, and still increase. Well Done!

1. The site open fast, easy to operte and check price.
2. Timely update the price every day.
3. Rich gold sellers' information, and real players' comments.
4. Large number of free game guides.

Some games guides are too long to read.

03-25-2010, 10:28 PM
I was going to delete this post as spam, but it's not too bad, as far as it goes. It's so poorly written, though, will anyone bother checking out the gold buying site?

03-26-2010, 11:33 PM
I'll check them out. It would be helpful if I knew what the ... about what the writer is talking about.

03-27-2010, 04:08 PM
It's for games like World of Warcraft, where instead of doing game tasks, people can use real money to buy game gold or items. That site would be one place where that can happen. It's almost a small industry. low-wage "workers" play the game, and then their gold or items are sold to other players.

03-30-2010, 02:39 AM
So, it's a "trusted" exchange of e-money for cyber-stuff. What a racket!

03-30-2010, 03:07 AM
I keep hoping that AO will become as successful to spawn a real-money market for, say, a Horn of Warfare.

03-30-2010, 03:30 AM
HMMMMMM. No more scrapping for me. ;)

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It's really useful for me. I have just joined in the game forums so there is lots of things I am not clear. That's why I am checking and getting more details here.

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Yeah! I was going to delete this post as spam, but it's not too bad, as far as it goes.