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Battle Tips
Battle TipsChoose your Ground
The Unit Action Menu (UAM) controls your Character, Henchmen and Units. (Henceforth, all will be referred to as units.)

The ACTION column menus command your units. Click the action and a drop down appears with the options available. Select one to order your units to perform actions, such as MOVE TO.

The MV (move) column shows a unit's maximum movement rate in parenthesis and its actual movement in movement points. (It will take several movement points to move one hex on the battlefield depending on terrain.)

On your first turn, begin to MOVE to strong defensive positions such as the tower, a hill, or even trees. Units should be spaced one to two hexes apart. Click the ACTION column for a unit, choose the MOVE TO option, and click on the map to select the destination hex.

When you have issued all the orders for your units, click the Next Turn button at the bottom of the Unit List to proceed with the game.Battle Concepts
Unit Zone of Control (ZOC) will form a solid line that enemy units cannot move through. Each unit has a ZOC one hex around it, through which an enemy unit cannot pass. You don't have to cover every hex to form a defensive line. Units spaced two hexes apart will effectively block the enemy advance covering a six hex front.

Missiles and many spells require that the attacker have a Line of Sight (LOS) to the defender. Terrain is of varying height, and features such as forest, buildings and walls can block that LOS if they are in an intervening hex.

Vulnerable units such as Mages and Archers should seek protection behind Militia, Infantry or Cavalry, or seek shelter from enemy missiles and spells by taking cover behind trees, hills, buildings, walls, and towers. The enemy cannot shoot what is out of their LOS.Dig in for Defense
Units who may do so should ENTRENCH as soon as they have arrived at their intended positions. This will add protection from enemy missile attacks and hand attacks.

Spell casters should commence CASTING SPELLS that will (1) delay the enemy advance (DESPAIR, FATIGUE, GROW, MUD); (2) add protections to themselves or other units (ARMOR, BLESS, FOG, SHIELD); (3) damage the attackers if possible, (MISSILE); or (4) aid and enhance friendly units, (HASTE, HEAL, INSPIRE, RALLY, VIGOR).

On the left unit list, the TURN column shows the unit's next tactical turn. At the beginning, each unit turn will be at zero, but actions may have caused a unit to have to wait until a later turn.Harass Enemy Invaders
It is best to receive the enemy attack in a defensive posture. Defending against enemy attacks while entrenched may deliver significant damage to enemy units. Wait for the right time to counter-attack.

You should remain ENTRENCHED and THROW or MISSILE until the enemy attack weakens. Archers should MISSILE oncoming enemy attackers. Units with throwing weapons should THROW their axes or javelins as attackers get within range.

Spell casters continue CASTING if you have any spells left. Special attention to unit aid and enhancement should be paid as units lose morale, stamina and strength during battle.

On the left unit list, the MOR (morale) column shows a unit's current moral. As morale falls, so too does a unit's ability to fight or follow orders. Watch out for units that have lost hits and morale. You may want to stack other units with them or withdraw them if they are seriously damaged.

The STA (stamina) column shows a unit's current stamina. As stamina falls, so too does a unit's movement rate.The Clash of Arms
As you continue to deliver damage to the enemy, some of his units may lose morale to the point where they begin to retreat. Counter-ATTACK and CHARGE options may deliver significant damage to weakened enemy units, but time your counter-attack carefully. If a unit moves or attacks, it loses the Entrench bonus to defense. You don't want to expose your units to fresh enemies just to take out one weak unit.

Archers should continue MISSILE fire on threatening units. Concentrating on the strongest units before they get to your line, or units that are in contact and attacking is the best strategy here.Chase and Recovery
When the enemy attack falters, counter attack with infantry and cavalry that are still in good shape as far as hit points, morale and stamina. If you have fought well, the enemy will be in retreat. The battle will continue until all the enemy units have withdrawn or been destroyed.

Priests and Rangers should help weakened units recover hit points with HEAL, morale with RALLY and stamina with VIGOR spells.End Battle: Final Turns
When the End Battle command appears, the enemy has been routed, and is in retreat. Hopefully you are victorious. This is your last chance to finish spells to aid your units. When you are ready to end the battle, click the End Battle button.

Congratulate yourself upon the first of many victories to come!Battle Results
This message describes the results of your battle. It shows how many experience points you got in total, the amount of spoils you recovered from the battlefield, and the disposition of your units such as levels gained and soldiers killed.

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