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NP Cities
Non-Player Cities (NPC)

In the World of Aragon there are many non-player character cities. These are major cities in the World of Aragon that provide much of the commerce, and action, that you will encounter as you adventure. Some of them are friendly, and some are not so friendly, depending on the race you’ve chosen to play.

Aladda Valley Aladda
Aladda Alliance

Human Male Ranger Aladda sits in the strategic Aladda Gap on the northern shore of the Rastilin River. Populated primarily by humans, Aladda is centered in the middle of Aragon. She leads the alliance that bears her name. The Aladda Alliance encourages economic strength and diplomatic shrewdness to defend its members.
Brocada River Brocada
Pillars of Men

Human Male Warrior Brocada is located on the lower reaches of the Rastilin River in south western Aragon. Known as the Gate-Way to Pudawala, the city of Brocada is inhabited mainly by humans and is a founding member of the Pillars of Men, an order that seeks defensive agreements with like-mined humans, elves and dwarves.
Char Hills Char
River Hold
Charghak Ogre Male Warrior Enclosed within the brutal lands of the Char Hills in far south west Aragon stands a city known simply as Char. The lure of mineral wealth has made this the land of ogres, a race that thrives in difficult environments. Adherents to the Order of the River Hold, Char ogres favor trade as the best path to wealth.
Barrier of Dersh Dersh
Clan of the Blood Crescent

Giant Male Priest Dersh is the southern most city in Aragon and sits on the edge of the Barriers of Dersh. Most giants that inhabit the city and surrounding mountains follow the ways of the Blood Crescent Pack which makes them completely non-threatening to their neighbors eleven months of the year.
Dunsfeldt Dunsfeldt
Pillars of Men
Dereck Human Male Ranger To the far south west corner of Aragon, on the edge of the ocean lays Dunsfeldt, a land of bountiful with natural wealth gleaned from both land and sea. Surrounded by covetous green races, the humans of Dunsfeldt subscribe to the philosophical tenants of the Pillars of Men.
Estallah Plain Estallah
Confederation of Estallah
Elminstra Human Female Priest Estallah sits at the exact center of the fertile Estallah Plain in north central Aragon. Climate and soils are perfect for agricultural bounty. As leader of the Estallah Confederation, the city seeks harmony with her neighbors of either green or tan races.
Forthumberland Forthumberland
Franklish Human Female Knight Forthumberland is a young and rapidly growing city in southern Aragon. The city's remoteness from its more violent neighbors to the north, attests to its adherence to the Frankish Order, non-aggressive, but economically strong and diplomatically adroit.
Freehold Freehold
Children of Avion

Human Male Mage Freehold occupies the isolated north western edge of the Continent of Aragon. Its human inhabitants are followers of the Children of Avion and thus, isolationist from the outside world. The land is sufficient though not overly rich in resources.
Ullthorn Forest Gambrivax
Ruby Clan
Laurghard Dwarf Male Warrior Though resource poor, Gambrivax is location-rich. The goblin city occupies the junction of the Rastilin River and the Justinid Pass. Following the ways of the Gore Stripe Tribe, the inhabitants seek their fortunes in commerce, not conquest.
Gorges of Gernok Gernok
Blood Worshipers
Guntillizi Ogre Male Knight The ogres of Gernok practice one of the most fearsome blood rage cults that thrive among the green races. This northwestern land is not particularly endowed with great resource wealth, but constant war has enriched many ogres in the land.
Gloimli Hills Gloimli
Clan of the White Wall
Gardus Dwarf Male Warrior Gloimli lays at the southern edge of the Gloimli Hills in north central Aragon. Agriculturally poor, The Hills are rich in many types of ore and gems of unusual quality. Dwarves are in the majority and many of those follow the Black Tower while others seek martial glory in the Clan of the White Hammer.
Harkworth Hills Harkworth
Lambda Council

Titan Male Warrior The population of Harkworth consists entirely of titans. Harkworth rests on a peninsula covered with wooded hills in the northeast corner of Aragon. Like all titans who bear the heraldry of the Lambda Council, they are isolationist and defensive.
Paritan Peaks Hildesheimenste
Clan of the Black Tower
Seybke Dwarf Male Priest The Dwarven city of Hildesheimenste occupies the desolate western edge of the Paritan Peaks. Though not isolationist, Standards of the Clan of Black Tower can be seen aloft all important settlements indicating a defensive pose on the part of the inhabitants.
Inmark Hills Inmark
Blood Shield Tribe

Goblin Male Warrior Overlooking the vast Plains of Pudawala to the southwest, the goblins of Inmark occupy a strategic hold in central Aragon. Mineral and forest wealth are abundant within the Inmark Hills. Being members of the Blood Shield Tribe, the goblins of Inmark have few friends, green or tan.
Jagged Peaks Jaggeddorn
Ruby Clan
Justian Dwarf Female Priest Far to the north in the mysterious Jagged Peaks sits the defiant dwarven city of Jaggedorn. The threat from the skies is offset by the fabulous mineral wealth deep within the earth. Many believe that worship in the Ruby Clan will provide protection. Others have taken to worshiping other cult.
Ullthorn Forest Keb-Roz
Disciples of Terra
Xutjia Orc Female Priest East of the Ullthorn Forest, astride the Rastilin River sits the orc city of Keb Roz. Rich soil and dependable precipitation provide enormous potential for a wide variety of food stuffs. As followers of the agriculturally oriented Disciples of Terra, Keb Roz orcs are a bit of an oddity among green races.
Kembolt Down Kembolt
Pillars of Men
Kendrick Human Male Knight Kembolt sits several leagues from the Bay of Aquar. A stretch of land between the Bay and the Zarnix Mountains known as Kembolt Downs provides Kembolt with abundant food supplies. Though they are strong supporters of the Pillars of Man, relations with other human city-states are strained.
Lucedian Point Lucedia
Avion Worshipers

Human Female Priest The south eastern corner of Aragon is occupied by the mostly human city of Lucedia. Abundant forests and copious food from the land and sea allow Lucedia to be largely self-sufficient. Though devoted to the crusading Avion Worshipers, Lucedia is isolated and peaceful.
Marinia Marsh Marinia
House of Red Eye
Margdud Orc Female Warrior Within the continentís largest swamp, in northern-most Aragon sits the orcish city of Marinia which has recently been wrenched from human control. Marinia is resource poor, yet mysteriously, wealthy. The House of the Red Eye dominates economic, political and spiritual institutions.
Medeval Woods Medeval
Order of Forest Protectors

Elf Female Knight In far eastern Aragon sits the elven city of Medeval. Nestled in hills within the Medeval Woods, it is home to a secretive eleven society. As members of the militant Order of Forest Protectors, contact with Medeval elves by non-elves is very rare.
Nuralia Veldt Nuralia
Aladda Alliance
Normania Human Male Warrior Nuralia is a predominately human settlement in northeastern Aragon. Forests and rich soil provide the basis for Nuralia's economy. The question of alliances with other humans is paramount in Nuralia.
Oakwrath Forest Oakwrath
House of Crossed Bones
Obghatta Orc Female Priest Deep within the dense Oakwrath Forest lays the orcish city of the same name. The forest provides for most economic activity. The geography of the land fits in well with the precepts of the House of the Crossed Bones.
Aladda Valley Paritan
House of the Fist

Orc Male Knight Paritan sits within a broad valley surrounded almost entirely by protective mountains. A diversified economy provides the orcs of Paritan with most needs. Membership in the feared House of the Fist, give an indication to the aggressive nature of the city's leadership.
Plains of Pudawala Pudawala
Stag Horn Troop

Fuokhui Targhun
Centaur Male Ranger Centered in the Plains of Pudawala is the centaur settlement known as Pudawala. The vast plains and far off hill provide for the centaurs needs. No single philosophy dominates Pud society. All orders of centaur heraldry can be found on the plains. They are very suspicious of outsiders.
Qutok Hills Qutok
Disciples of Terra

Orc Male Warrior Qutok is an orcish city in central Aragon. Deep within forested land encircled by the Qutok Hills, the orcs have created a wealthy yet turbulent society. Banners of many orc clans and orders fly above the city.
The Reaches Reaches
House of Red Eye
Roda'zix Orc Female Warrior The distant and barren steep of northern Aragon is home to a land known as The Reaches. The land provides suitable economic means for its orcish residents. As adherents to the House of the Red Eye, dwarven neighbors to the south should be forewarned.
Sothold Woods Sothold
Order of the Sun
Senetherien Elf Male Knight The Sothhold Woods in south eastern Aragon is the site of the elven city of Sothhold. Its isolation fits neatly within its philosophical adherence to the non-aggressive Order of the Sun. The elves of Sothhold are entirely self-sufficient and retiring from all outsiders.
Sur Nova Sur Nova
Green Crescent Kin

Troll Male Warrior The troll city of Sur Nova can be found in north eastern Aragon atop the Sur Nova Mountains. Abundant mineral wealth is found everywhere within the mountains. Chaotic in nature, no one order dominates Sur Nova. However, the Slaver Kin has a strong following.
Tentula Forest Tentula
Order of the Raptor
Threlessia Elf Female Mage In western Aragon deep within the Tentula Forest is the elf city of Tentula. Mostly self-sufficient economically, Tentula is free to pursue its goals as outlined by the tenants of the Order of the Raptor. Few non-elven cities would call Tentula friendly.
Tranavan Forest Tranavan
Order of the Spirit
Thonorien Elf Male Ranger Sandwiched between the Tranavan Forest that bears its name, and the expansive Lake of Ella, sits the eleven city of Tranavan. Highly timid, the elves have developed a deeply spiritual connection to the land through the Order of the Spirit. Material wealth holds little value here.
Ullthorn Forest Ullthorn
Earth Disciples

Goblin Male Knight In the center of the Ullthorn Forest rest the enormous goblin city of Ullthorn. Sitting atop a wealth of natural resource has made Ullthorn wealthy. However, discontent stirs the goblin passions. Nominal followers of the Earth Disciples, Ullthorn is suffering from a societal identity crisis.
Westland Westland
Confederation of Estallah

Human Male Warrior In the far western lands of Aragon lay the multi-racial city of Westland. Agricultural and mineral wealth drive Westland economy. The mostly-human population of Westland has found common cause with the Confederation of Estallah.
Xafanta Heights Xafanta
Clan of the White Wall
Phyxe Dwarf Female Priest Xafanta can be found high in the Xafanta Height. Rare metallic ore can be found in these mountains. Devotion to the Clan of the White Wall indicated dwarven hopes rather than reality. Xafanta wealth has pricked the notice of many potential enemies.
Yttriax Yttriax
House of Black Shield
Yg Orc Male Mage Yttriax is an orcish city found in southwestern Aragon. Wealthy from the surrounding lands, Yttriax seeks to ensure that wealth will continue to fill the city's coffers by any means. The banner of the House of the Black Shield flies high over Yttriax's formidable walls.
Zarnix Mountains Zarnix
House of Black Shield

Orc Female Mage North of Yttriax in the high Zarnix Mountains is the orcish kingdom of Zarnix. Abundant deposits of metal ore feed the city's economy. As followers of the House of the Black Shield, the orcs of Zarnix believe that no power in Aragon could breach the city's walls.

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