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Player Heraldry

Players may choose their heraldry, which also determines which of the major factions of Aragon they show allegiance to.

Human Heraldry
Aladda AllianceForged after the battle for Qutok Hills against a foul Orc army, the Aladda Alliance is a strong human military presence based around the city of Aladda. All who join flourish diplomatically with other alliance members and thrive economically but have to engage in many of Aladda's conflicts.
Pillars of MenA selection of mighty Human cities that protect a number of smaller Human settlements. These 'Pillars' set up a defensive shield protecting the nations of men from outsiders. They will always seek to aid other Humans even when they don't belong to the Pillars.
Confederation of EstallahA thriving and magnificent confederation of human settlements for economic gain. Set up in early 989 Q.J., this confederation relies on members for trade in both goods, arms and knowledge. A confederation kingdom will continue to grow in both size and riches under Estallah's trading laws.
FranklishA new alliance of human colonies who seek to live peaceful un threatened lives. Those under the banner of the Franklish tend to focus on more talking out their problems and to barter with any and all other races and kingdoms as long as they are left in peace to become a happy and stable state.
Avion WorshipersAvion was half hawk and half man; he created this world of Aragon and all its creatures for a test. The test was this, if his worshipers could live good lives and slay evil where they found it then they would grow wings and ascend to the clouds high above to live eternity in bliss. The Avion Worshipers make stable kingdoms with great armies to purge evil.
Children of AvionLike the Avion Worshipers, these Humans believe there is an afterlife for those who are good, but instead of striking down evil they try to live their lives in quiet and peace so that when they ascend they have no blood on their souls. Usually opting for small bands of protectors to stop hostile armies these religious kingdoms tend to dislike Avion Worshipers for their misinterpretation of ancient texts.
Elf Heraldry
Order of Forest ProtectorsSet up in the early days of Elf colonization to protect their race from other hostile groups. The Protectors now make their home in the forest, making strong alliances between themselves and other Elf factions in order to protect the future of the Elven race.
Shara's WillShara, an ancient warrior who was said to be the very essence of the forest, is the patron saint of a large number of Elf folk. Over the last few years more and more cities devoted to her teachings have been set up, protecting the forest from enemies and expanding the forest to spread Shara's will to the whole of Aragon.
Order of the Three StarsThis order of Elves was set up to look after the political and economic balance between three races in the northern areas before the alliance was broken off. Since then they have become strong political advisors and are quick to grow friendships but always for their own gain. There are always wars that end with the only winner being the Three Stars.
Order of the SunMany Elves retreated from the ways of war and set up the order of the Sun, which set out to discover and to research in peace. The Order was never big on helping each other in other means then trading the knowledge they had learned, they relied heavily on the Order of Forest Protectors so they could research without fear of hostile actions.
Order of the SpiritA spiritualist society that believes that there are many spirits that make their home in the abundant life energy of the forests and jungles of Aragon. They do not believe in Shara's Will as no mortal could represent the whole spiritual world of the forest. They believe however that the spirits must be worshiped, protected and that their home must be spread across the land, whatever the cost.
Order of the RaptorBelieving that all sentient beings alive today came from animal forms and were lucky to grow such intelligence. They are devoted to the protection and understanding of such primal life forms that they see were what they once were. Giving into their primal instincts makes those who follow the Raptor are keen swordsmen.
Dwarf Heraldry
Clan of the Black TowerSet up centuries ago by master builders to defend the mountain regions of the Inmark Hills, the Black Towers soon became a clan in which hundreds of Dwarf cities who ventured out of the mountains signed alliance to. The Black Tower Clan stood for Defense above all else but more as a symbol, as the aims of this clan are political foremost and not tactical.
Clan of the AxeA warrior Clan, with the soul principle of living on the Axe's edge and dying by it just as easily, they believe in an after-life where the plains of battle stretch on for miles and great warriors battle it out for eternity. This religious clan of dwarves makes for hot blooded and able-bodied fighters and much of their society is ruled by a military fist.
Ruby ClanThe Ruby Clan were the only ones to profit from the coming of the Dragons. They specialized in capturing dragon eggs, which were like giant rubies, and training these beasts or slaying them and using their hides or egg shells to make a quick profit. Many races have a problem with the increased numbers of Dragons roaming Aragon, so that's where this Clan of Dragon hunters comes in, to save the day.
Followers of OrmeIn a giant smoldering volcano lives the Dragon known as Orme. He is worshiped as a god by his followers, a large number of Dwarves who worship his power. They bring him treasure and sacrifice and in exchange the great Orme protects his followers and sets them on Hero's path.
Clan of the Earth HammerA warrior Clan who’s martial style leadership and fearless view of death have spread them fast across the plains of Aragon, where many Dwarfs have not faired as well. They believe that as long as they die like a warrior they can be returned to the earth to live out their eternity in peaceful sleep in the earth’s warm embrace.
Clan of the White WallThe defensive clan of the White Wall was set up in recent years to provide defense so that Dwarfs not used to living in the big open spaces of Aragon could happily live out their lives without fear of attacks or raids. Members of the White Wall found themselves becoming increasingly wealthy as a result of the increased protection they received.
Orc Heraldry
Disciples of TerraTerra protects us, she is who we are born of and who all come to in the end. We bless her and she blesses us in return with crops and ore to live in happiness and strength. We are traders and worshipers of almighty Terra.
House of the FistBefore tool or weapon there was only an Orc's fist, only his brawn and wits allowed him to survive through the cold winters and the bloody brawls. This is how all Fist warriors are trained, to a high standard before they even receive weapons. To be a Fist is to be feared on the battlefield. To be in the House of the Fist is to be a warrior.
House of Red EyeWith distant links to The Rage, some believe long ago the House of the Red Eye gave into the promises of riches and power whispered by the blood god. Whatever gave Red Eyed Orcs such strength and confidence to rule such a large empire was right to choose this house, as they own many cities and offer much in times of war.
Rage CultThe Rage is what drives all beings. He is the little voice inside your head, the fire in your eyes, the anger and the war. He is constant and those who follow his teachings are strong and fearless knowing that they will follow him into the screaming pits of eternity.
House of Crossed BonesIn the ancient times a phrase was coined by the Orcs of this house: "the best way to defend yourself is with the enemies' bones." This theory has spawned a whole military art of defending by attacking enemies before they have even thought about attacking you. Though this house is supposed to be defensive in nature and political, they will launch attacks on surrounding kingdoms before they are even suspected as an enemy.
House of Black ShieldThe heavy metal shields and defenses of this house have become legend among the people of Aragon, for the Black Shielded cities have never once been overthrown in battle. This legend is so strong that many other kingdoms seek political links with this house or even see the idea of "impenetrable" as a challenge, either way this defensive house has been around since the dawn of the Orc and doesn't look like it's going any where.
Goblin Heraldry
Death CultistsDeath is a constant, it is the creeping dark and it offers favours and promises to those who do its biding, whole empires and civilizations have been brought to the abyss by these dark goblin fanatics. Death Goblins tend to lean towards large armies of under armed soldiers as death is no real fear for them. Some Death Goblins who have done great acts in Deaths name have been rewarded with reincarnation. If Death Cultists choose your city for purging, hold on for a flood of green and a lot of blood.
Blood Shield TribeThe Blood Shield Tribe has done well to earn its name, growing up with many enemies but few friends. Cities of this tribe are either crushed over night or last to win many trophies and many scars. They are a hard working and politically useless people with only one word in mind: Survival.
Gore Stripe TribeThese rather wild Goblins are excellent traders and merchants. Their cities, though lightly defended, are usually large and prosperous relying on others for protection at a price. They tend to shun members of their on race as war and violence doesn't plague their minds, only profits.
Novas FreedSur Nova held many thousands of slaves, their evil overlord the Slaver Kin would channel them here and there, sell them or eat them. They were slaves like most goblins for a long age, but then whispers started to float around, plans, and before long Sur Nova had its first uprising and then another and another. All goblins that are freed from Sur Nova join the hard working cities of the Novas Freed. This tribe seeks to get along with all manner of others as long as they are not active in the slave trade.
Rage CultistsThe Rage is what drives all beings. He is the little voice inside your head, the fire in your eyes, the anger and the war. He is constant and those who follow his teachings are blessed by him for spilling blood and fueling the hate.
Earth DisciplesTerra is the land, she is what we are born of and what all come to in the end. The Goblin Earth Disciples entrench themselves in the dirt and hold Terra high as a goddess in order to receive her blessing in Economic growth and protection.
Ogre Heraldry
Blood WorshipersThe Rage is what drives all beings. He is the whispering voice of hate, and the bellowing scream of anger. Those who follow his teachings are blessed by him for spilling blood and fueling the hate. These worshipers are unique in the fact that they shun their own green fleshed kin, unlike other Ogre Holds.
Green Earth HoldThe Green Earth Hold have discovered the true meaning of life. It is simply to find a location, settle down, build many walls and archers then have a drink and go to sleep. Those who join this hold will find that defense is the best everything, and the longer you hide the easier your life will become.
Yellow Bar HoldThose with a stockpile of gold quickly find that certain defenses have to be put in place in order to keep said stockpile. The Yellow Bar Hold protects those with it from those who want it. They are a warrior alliance that focuses on protecting other Holds and clients with large spread out armies.
Blood Circle HoldThe oldest and well established of the holds, these warrior Ogres are intent on one thing, simple and all out war. Those who join this hold will find that mission’s involving a sword and spear will be their bread and butter.
River HoldThis hold realized though they could acquire large amounts of raw materials due to their size and strength they couldn’t turn those resources into fine products, so the River Hold was formed to supplement the Ogres trade and formed a network of traders between the many Holds and indeed races.
Crossed Bar HoldThis hold is one of the newer Ogre alliances with the sole focus on the trading of slave workers or pets. The new market place mixed together those of the River Hold and the Blood Stripe Hold to form devious slave merchants and hunters, though without morals they are very wealthy and powerful.
Non-player Heraldry

Here is a list of the Heraldry for the non-player races in Aragon. Each of these factions has their own behaviors and attributes.

Centaur Heraldry
Stag Horn Troop
Forest Troop
Crescent Troop
Star Over Lake Troop
Purple Flower Troop
Sunshine Troop
Titan Heraldry
Lambda Council
Council of the Boar
Council of the White Eagle
Council of Laurel Wreath
Starburst Council
Council of the Oak
Troll Heraldry
Green Crescent Kin
The Skull Kin
Red & Black Kin
Kin of the Evil Eye
Kin of the Blade
The Claw Kin
Giant Heraldry
Clan of the Blood Crescent
Clan of the Clenched Fist
Clan of the Yellow Snake
Clan of the Cave Bear
Clan of the Angry Bull
Clan of the Mighty Club

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