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There were 1 active players and 2 battles fought during the last week.
Posted 01-15-2017
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Top Rankings
RANK «««««  TOP WIN-LOSS  »»»»» «««««  TOP ARMY  »»»»» «««««  TOP WEALTH  »»»»»
#1  Tecumseh of Aiyana  1,969.7 Corwin of Amber 11,749.4 Corwin of Amber 110,197,840
#2 Corwin of Amber 1,910.4 Moriority of Noregon 11,498.6 Tecumseh of Aiyana 13,946,729
#3 Moriority of Noregon 312.8 Tecumseh of Aiyana 8,267.2 Moriority of Noregon 6,367,436
#4 Merlin of Riverton 123.0 Merlin of Riverton 2,512.2 Merlin of Riverton 870,002
#5 Telarion of Imaldris 59.7 Telarion of Imaldris 675.0 Telarion of Imaldris 289,569
#6 Ziech of Volcanabis 1.5 Froderick of Gnash 140.2 Ziech of Volcanabis 22,744
#7 Froderick of Gnash 0.5 Ziech of Volcanabis 94.9 Froderick of Gnash 22,149
Quote of the Day Graph of the Day
Quote of the Day King Dragobar of Dersh:

"When the moon reveals the crimson crescent to us we will go forth and hunt beneath her blood red light."
Graph of the Day
Battle of the Day
Tecumseh:You have attacked an Ogre Rage army!
Tecumseh:You have attacked an Ogre Rage army! You are victorious! You reduced the enemy to 34% You gained a total of 2,097,600 experience. Experience bonus 270%
Your Chivalry is at maximum!
Your win-loss increased by 2.7

Your spoils are 691.6 armor, 129.8 weapon, 86.8 bow, 267.6 horse.
You recovered 1 Armor: Huge Leather +1, 13 Armor: Huge Chain +1, 6 Shield: Huge +1, 6 Pole: Spear +1, 1 Pole: Halberd +1, 10 Pole: Huge Spear +1, 18 Missile: Lt Cross Bow +1, 7 Missile: Lt Cross Bow +2, 12 Missile: Huge Bow +1, 4 Potion: Cure, 2 Potion: Haste, 4 Potion: Healing, 1 Potion: Iron Skin, 8 Potion: Rally, 1 Potion: Valor, 8 Potion: Vigor, 3 Potion: Warding.