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There were 4 active players and 3 battles fought during the last week.
Posted 01-15-2017
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Top Rankings
RANK «««««  TOP WIN-LOSS  »»»»» «««««  TOP ARMY  »»»»» «««««  TOP WEALTH  »»»»»
#1  Corwin of Amber  1,910.4 Corwin of Amber 11,749.4 Corwin of Amber 110,197,840
#2 Tecumseh of Aiyana 1,680.9 Moriority of Noregon 11,498.6 Tecumseh of Aiyana 13,625,459
#3 Moriority of Noregon 312.8 Tecumseh of Aiyana 7,776.3 Moriority of Noregon 6,367,436
#4 Merlin of Riverton 123.0 Merlin of Riverton 2,512.2 Merlin of Riverton 870,002
#5 Telarion of Imaldris 59.7 Telarion of Imaldris 675.0 adrunksqurel of SAO 417,268
#6 adrunksqurel of SAO 27.1 adrunksqurel of SAO 472.1 Telarion of Imaldris 289,569
#7 Ziech of Volcanabis 1.5 Alenuil of Tonshua 167.2 Alenuil of Tonshua 23,931
#8 Alenuil of Tonshua 1.1 Froderick of Gnash 140.2 Ziech of Volcanabis 22,744
#9 Froderick of Gnash 0.5 Ziech of Volcanabis 94.9 Froderick of Gnash 22,149
Quote of the Day Graph of the Day
Quote of the Day Alaseth, Master Lecturer:

"All great kingdoms have their own special armies for secret quests. Some races even, have their own special armies working behind the scenes."
Graph of the Day
Battle of the Day
Alenuil city of Tonshua attacked by Ogre army.
This message describes the results of your battle. It shows how many experience points you got in total, the amount of spoils you recovered from the battlefield, and the disposition of your units such as levels gained and soldiers killed.

Defended your city against a Ogre army. 100% bonus for reducing enemy to 0% You gained a total of 6,600 experience. Experience bonus 55%
Your Chivalry increased by 8!
City Morale increased by 4!
City Loyalty increased by 8!
Your win-loss increased by 1.1

Your spoils are 62.1 armor, 38.6 bow.

Your first battle is done, now what? By continuing Next Turn on the tactical level your units will slowly gain stamina and hit points but little else will happen. Instead, use the Region button to Zoom out to the Region map. Turns on the Region level are one hour. Regional movement will attract random encounters with hostile forces. You may wish to "patrol" your region to gain wealth and experience by defeating those hostile forces. The City, Unit, World, Trade, and Market drop down menus at the top of the page will provide the means for you to rule your realm. So don't just sit there, there's a world to win. Somebody will one day rule Aragon, it might as well be you!