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There were 8 active players and 18 battles fought during the last week.
Posted 02-15-2014
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Top Rankings
RANK «««««  TOP WIN-LOSS  »»»»» «««««  TOP ARMY  »»»»» «««««  TOP WEALTH  »»»»»
#1  Corwin of Amber  1,910.4 Corwin of Amber 11,749.4 Corwin of Amber 110,155,680
#2 Tecumseh of Aiyana 1,106.5 Moriority of Noregon 11,498.6 Tecumseh of Aiyana 12,283,487
#3 Moriority of Noregon 312.8 Tecumseh of Aiyana 7,017.5 Moriority of Noregon 6,367,436
#4 Merlin of Riverton 123.0 Merlin of Riverton 2,512.2 Merlin of Riverton 870,002
#5 Telarion of Imaldris 59.9 Telarion of Imaldris 675.0 Telarion of Imaldris 289,569
#6 Vadenard of Swift Willows 19.6 Vadenard of Swift Willows 473.4 Vadenard of Swift Willows 276,075
#7 CMC of HammerStone 5.0 CMC of HammerStone 201.4 tyrion of Aenarys 217,082
#8 Ziech of Volcanabis 1.5 blgold of Ziane 200.7 CMC of HammerStone 70,903
#9 blgold of Ziane 1.3 Froderick of Gnash 140.2 blgold of Ziane 48,623
#10 tyrion of Aenarys 1.1 Gardwell of Riverfront 133.4 Bart of Breslau 24,360
Quote of the Day Graph of the Day
Quote of the Day Alaseth, Master Lecturer:

"All great kingdoms have their own special armies for secret quests. Some races even, have their own special armies working behind the scenes."
Graph of the Day
Battle of the Day
Tecumseh encountered a Titan army.
Tecumseh encountered a Titan army. You are victorious! 25% bonus for reducing enemy to 8% You gained a total of 5,153,973,513,600 experience. Experience bonus 216%
Your Chivalry is at maximum!
Your win-loss increased by 2.7

Your spoils are 182.4 armor, 1,195.3 weapon, 743.3 bow.
You recovered 19 Shield: Giant +1, 1 Shield: Giant +2, 10 Pole: Gt Spear +1, 7 Pole: Gt Spear +2, 6 Missile: Giant Bow +1, 15 Potion: Cure, 1 Potion: Haste, 5 Potion: Healing, 1 Potion: Inspire, 3 Potion: Iron Skin, 10 Potion: Rally, 3 Potion: Valor, 16 Potion: Vigor, 2 Potion: Warding, 44 Amulet: Defense +1, 18 Amulet: Defense +2, 12 Amulet: Bravery +1, 7 Amulet: Bravery +2, 1 Amulet: Bravery +3, 12 Amulet: Fire Resist +1, 12 Amulet: Fire Resist +2, 1 Amulet: Magic Prot +1, 1 Amulet: Magic Prot +2, 1 Ring: Spirituality 1, 1 Item: Horn of Dread, 3 Item: Horn of Fatigue.