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There were 2 active players and 4 battles fought during the last week.
Posted 02-15-2014
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Top Rankings
RANK «««««  TOP WIN-LOSS  »»»»» «««««  TOP ARMY  »»»»» «««««  TOP WEALTH  »»»»»
#1  Corwin of Amber  1,910.4 Corwin of Amber 11,749.4 Corwin of Amber 110,197,480
#2 Tecumseh of Aiyana 1,430.8 Moriority of Noregon 11,498.6 Tecumseh of Aiyana 13,135,806
#3 Moriority of Noregon 312.8 Tecumseh of Aiyana 7,638.1 Moriority of Noregon 6,367,436
#4 Merlin of Riverton 123.0 Merlin of Riverton 2,512.2 Merlin of Riverton 870,002
#5 Telarion of Imaldris 59.9 roller56 of Celtis 1,555.6 roller56 of Celtis 326,603
#6 Inquies of Keltic 28.2 Inquies of Keltic 1,319.0 Telarion of Imaldris 289,569
#7 Rafter56 of Ayricck 19.5 Rafter56 of Ayricck 1,137.7 Inquies of Keltic 238,383
#8 roller56 of Celtis 17.6 Unicorn of Mystic 1,081.8 Unicorn of Mystic 150,578
#9 Unicorn of Mystic 11.4 rafter of Britan 1,033.7 Aries of Aryian 136,002
#10 Aries of Aryian 9.3 Aries of Aryian 744.0 Rafter56 of Ayricck 127,667
Quote of the Day Graph of the Day
Quote of the Day King Richard Of Aladda:

"Build Roads. They connect the Quarry to the Mason, the Wood to the Sawmill and the Enemy to your Blades."
Graph of the Day
Battle of the Day
Tecumseh encountered a Centaur army.
Tecumseh encountered a Centaur army. You are victorious! 25% bonus for reducing enemy to 7% You gained a total of 269,218,664,608,024 experience. Experience bonus 185%
Your Chivalry is at maximum!
Your win-loss increased by 2.3

Your spoils are 1,231.9 armor, 173.4 weapon, 232.3 bow.
You recovered 12 Weapon: Mace +1, 19 Weapon: Hammer +1, 20 Weapon: Mace +2, 8 Weapon: Hammer +2, 9 Weapon: Mace +3, 8 Weapon: Hammer +3, 1 Weapon: Mage Staff +3, 34 Pole: Lance +1, 8 Pole: Lance +2, 50 Missile: Lt Cross Bow +1, 19 Missile: Md Cross Bow +1, 27 Missile: Lt Cross Bow +2, 32 Barding: Leather +1, 32 Barding: Chain +1, 13 Potion: Cure, 4 Potion: Haste, 6 Potion: Healing, 8 Potion: Rally, 10 Potion: Vigor, 1 Potion: Warding, 71 Amulet: Defense +1, 22 Amulet: Defense +2, 64 Amulet: Bravery +1, 29 Amulet: Fire Resist +1, 9 Amulet: Fire Resist +2, 1 Amulet: Magic Prot +2, 1 Cloak: Images, 27 Horseshoes: Endurance +1, 18 Horseshoes: Endurance +2, 19 Horseshoes: Speed +1, 1 Item: Horn of Bravery.